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Last week, I had the good fortune to go to the Research Data Alliance’s Fourth Plenary in Amsterdam as part of my Research Assistantship with the RDA/US at RPI. It was my first time in the Netherlands and attending an international academic conference, let alone a conference that has such a wide variety of technical subjects covered. It was truly an excellent opportunity where I learned a great deal about the current, international desire to create data sharing protocols, including technical solutions, regulations & policies, user-centered or community-focused design, and socio-cultural improvements. One group in particular that I hope to work with in the future is the repository platforms for research data working group. (And I didn’t really know what a data repository was 6 months ago!)

As a member of the RDA/US team, I prepared a trailer video promoting the next plenary in San Diego, California and a joint-poster (seen below) with Yolanda (Poster Abstract).


In the next few months, we will begin organizing Plenary 5. As part of those efforts, I am helping with the newcomers programming to (hopefully) minimize the huge “learning curve” that many of us experience when we first join the organization. It is a combination of quickly grasping not just the “why” of RDA’s activities, but also the “what” and “how”, especially since many of the outputs and processes to get those outputs are still iteratively being developed.